Printing Bar-codes onto Labels

The two standard ways of printing bar-codes is Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer printing on blank paper labels. Printing on laser or inkjet printers wastes a lot of label stock, whereas direct thermal and thermal transfer printing allow successive label printing on a roll, which produces no label media waste.

We provide labels that are either (pre)bar-coded printed or blank and ready to be bar-coded. Preprinted bar-codes can be imaged variably from label to label in sequential order or off of a supplied database. In-house, we print static bar-codes via analogue (flexo) and variable bar-codes via digital (monochromatic thermal transfer). We feel printing with these processes produces the most reliable bar-codes in the label industry. When printing your own bar-codes, we can supply labels in either sheet or roll format:

Thermal Transfer (roll labels)

Thermal transfer printing can image either paper or synthetic materials. They can be used for long-term or high durability requirements. Thermal Transfer labels last much longer than direct thermal labels, but they require a thermal transfer ribbon, which melts the ink onto the label stock, and adds to the printing cost. Naturally, that pays off if you want the label to withstand direct sunlight, very cold, hostile conditions, long application time, multiple scanning etc. The image quality is very high, and barcode lines are sharper than printed direct thermal. And, we also supply thermal transfer ribbon.

Direct Thermal (rolls labels)

Direct thermal printing provides effective short-term econo applications. It is performed on a chemically treated paper or synthetic which makes it sensitive to heat. This type of printing doesn’t use ink, toner nor ribbon, which is a plus when considering costs. It only uses heat, which reacting on a chemically treated paper creates black images. These labels do not last long; though sharp, the images printed on these labels usually fade after less than a year. In order to keep the label longer, do not expose it do sunlight. Direct thermal labels are mostly used for short term applications, like shipping labels.

Laser Printer (sheet labels)

Users can utilize a standard desktop laser printer.
**we strongly advise not to use an inkjet printer to image bar-codes onto your labels.