Bar-code Verification

Once you’ve obtained your bar-code, you should verify its scanability. Retailers won’t accept bar-codes that don’t scan properly, or they can fine the supplier of such labels. They now require that each barcode has a certain grade level that marks the bar-code’s “final certificate of compliance”, and they require a GS1 verification report that proves the bar-code fulfills GS1 standards. Some of the bar-code’s elements that need to confine to GS1 standards are:

For example, some of the things that cause bar-codes not to scan properly are:

Since you’ll need to scan every bar-code for every product, the best solution is to request services from any of the GS1 authorized bar-code verification companies. Verification report needs to conform to the ISO or ANSI Standard, which is the only correct bar-code quality test. Here are just a few of the companies that offer verification services: