More Useful Info

When ordering preprinted barcode labels, it is useful to know:

Each type of bar-code has its specific standards regarding size, dimensions, number of characters encoded, etc.

For UPC or EAN-13 barcode the nominal size is 25.9 mm X 37.29 mm. The minimal size of the barcode can be 80% of the nominal size, which is 20.72 mm X 29.83 mm. The largest size can be 200% of the nominal size, which is 51.8 mm X 74.58 mm. You can choose different dimensions, but you should consult your bar-code provider for these options.

Truncation of bar-codes is not permitted within EAN/UPC symbology according to GS1 standards, and shouldn’t be used unless specifically stated. For instance, in retail, bar-codes can be ‘truncated’ to better fit small products where there simply isn’t room for a full size bar-code, i.e. lip balm tubes, gum packaging, etc… However, truncating is not recommended, unless there is absolutely no other option to fit the bar-code. Before truncating the height of bar-code bars it is mandatory to discuss the possible non-compliance penalties with trading partners. You can also check out the GS1 General Specifications, section for more info on this.

Also, there are certain rules as to how you can position bar-code labels on different packaging – boxes, bags, bottles, curved surfaces, etc. Bar-codes should be positioned in the same way on all similar packages.