Printing Bar-codes (on labels) in Color

When printing bar-codes, it is very important to have a distinct contrast between lines and spaces that make up the bar-code symbology. Whichever color you choose for your bar-code label, just make sure the bar-code is readable.

We always recommend bar-codes to be printed black but not to say bar-codes printed in color won’t scan. When printing multicolor labels incorporating a bar-code we knock out a white background directly behind the symbology to ensure optimum contrast. We also extend the knock-out 0.25” from left and right sides of bar-code known as a quite zone. When bar-codes are imaged onto clear labels we print a white box behind the symbology. When printing via analogue process (conventional printing press) we NEVER create bar-code image out of CMYK process. On press our bar-codes are printed as ‘spot’ to ensure clean no-blurs edges. And, if black is not an option, we’ll only print bar-codes in darker PMS colors.